UNFIX is an evolving festival of performance and ecological activism I set up in 2015 as a response to several of the themes explored within my work and life. As artistic director of the festival I view my job as the pulling together art forms, ideas, political strands, intuitions, spiritualities and commitments from diverse communities who may not already be talking to each other, but whom I believe are working towards similar ways of being, resisting, and loving. So far it has had several iterations in Glasgow and one in New York City. 

UNFIX conceives individual human lives as a microcosm of the whole and takes climate change as the Trump Card fate is playing, a terrifyingly benevolent wake-up call that says WE CANNOT CONTINUE AS WE HAVE BEEN. We're being called to go beyond ourselves as individuals and a species, to realise a new place for ourselves within the web of all life (or else). UNFIX is my main contribution to this shift. 

Brief details of each event so far are below, and you can find more on the UNFIX website, facebook page and twitter:


UNFIX ReBirth! (2016)

With ReBirth! we offered a communal experience urging CULTURAL // SOCIAL // ECONOMIC // ENVIRONMENTAL // PSYCHIC renewal. A sequel to aCOPalypse Now! (December 2015), UNFIX ReBirth! brought together artists and activists including The Doing Group, Great Auk Collective, Jamie Wardrop, Hellen Burrough, James Shearman & Rosie King, Craig Manson and Richard Ashrowan to explore birth, death and sustainability.


UNFIX NYC (2016)

UNFIX NYC was the first collaboration between UNFIX and theatre company Ren Gyo Soh, produced by the Ume Group. Our programme was  presented at Grace & St. Paul Church, New York City and included live Butoh performances, installations, workshops and a debate on ecological crisis and the role of art.


UNFIX aCOPalyse now! (2015)

aCOPalypse Now! / Birthpangs! was , a one day programme in Glasgow offering visions of Apocalypse to coincide with the international climate change talks in Paris. Four groups were commissioned to respond to the theme: Numina (This is the Way the World Ends), Dougie Strang (Badger Dissonance), Kovorox Aktion Group (Happiness is Dragon Shaped?) and The Cosmic Dead with Sarah Glass (Jörmungandr versus The Nine). Funded by Creative Carbon Scotland.


UNFIX Glasgow (2015)

The launch of UNFIX took place on 10th - 12th July 2015, and took the form of a 3 day sold out festival at CCA Glasgow and The Project Cafe. Those involved included Alastair McIntosh (Soil & Soul) in collaboration with Paul Michael Henry, Ken Mai, Laura Gonzalez, Planetary Collective, Amy Rosa, Laura Bradshaw & Murray Wason, Yumino Seki, the Scottish Green Party, Common Weal and many more.