Sysyphus Dreaming

Collaboration: group ritual-performance process (variable duration)

What keeps me moving? Why am I alive?
Is it Work? Love? Sex?
Nobody else’s answer will do.
There is something in you, for you, the thing for which you forsake all else.
Perhaps your children?
You wake each day.
For what? Is it Porn? Food? Guilt?
Don’t look away. Stand inside yourself and smile.
Shopping? God? Laughter?
Keep asking.
If you answer this, you will have met yourself.
If you do that, you might be ready to meet other people.

Sisyphus Dreaming is designed for those wishing to explore personal ritual as a means to selfdiscovery
and creation of performance material.

The first version was presented at Buzzcut Festival (Glasgow) in 2014 with artists Lea Cummings, Suzi Cunningham, Neil Simpson, Justine Lim and Svenja Czubayko. It is available for touring (contact Stephanie K. Hunter with booking enquiries).