SHRIMP DANCE - with Jer Reid & Jamie Wardrop


“A hypnotic hour of dance drama. The themes explored are huge: ecological crisis, mental health and consumerism, yet the moves are minute and precise – the sheer range, expressiveness and emotional impact...Utterly compelling, the astonishingly talented Henry has much to say”             - Glasgow Theatre Blog

SHRIMP DANCE is a live performance for three artists fusing Butoh dance with live music, text and video art. It's a collaboration with marine biologist Professor Alex Ford (University of Portsmouth). Professor Ford found anti-depressants entering the sea through human waste are affecting the behaviour of shrimp. High levels of Prozac are causing shrimp to abandon their shadowy habitat and swim towards the light where they’re often eaten.


SHRIMP DANCE broadens this research into a far-reaching comment
on the medicalisation of profound sadness, linking our inner isolation
to the havoc we’re wreaking in the world at large (waste, ecocide,
consumer capitalism and extreme inequality). Produced with support from Creative Scotland, Dance Base, the Work Room and Platform Glasgow.

The larger theme of the piece is what consumer capitalism is doing to our mental health and the health of the planet itself. However, SHRIMP DANCE aims to be ultimately hopeful: The very tablets we take to soothe our loneliness show us, through the most earthy means (sewage, animal life), our real power and belonging as ecological beings if we can only wake up to it.

“Veering from sheer terror to anxiety to acceptance, almost akin to going through stages of grief… Paul Michael Henry’s new dance has the kind of quietude that unnerves and provokes in equal measure.”
- Lorna Irvine (reviewer for the List and Exeunt)

SHRIMP DANCE is an important work. Paul Michael Henry is a disciplined, creative and unique performer to Scotland and I have not seen his like in Europe in fact.”
- Morag Deyes, Artistic Director, Dance Base

”Shrimp Dance is a weighty, at times disturbing, meditation on a deeply troubling phenomenon.”
- Disability Arts Online

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