Performance (in development now)

SHRIMP DANCE deals with mental health, models of sanity under consumer capitalism, and ecological crisis. It’s based on research linking the behaviour of shrimp to human consumption of anti-depressants.

The humans are so sad the shrimp are going crazy.

I am trying to find these links inside my own body, in the dream-language of my psychology, and somehow bring them to an audience. This will be coupled with (consensual) audience participation and presentation of research findings by my collaborator Dr. Alex Ford (University of Portsmouth) to probe the emotional logic of depression, late capitalism and austerity. My aim is to pass through the darkest places of human psychology to a space of deep connection with each other and our environment, with the unlikely aid of the humble shrimp.

SHRIMP DANCE has been in development at Dance Base (Edinburgh), with an early showing in October 2016. Kindly supported by Creative Scotland. A profile of the piece by Lorna Irvine is available here.