Nerve Dance

Solo performance (40 mins)

I am sick of personality
Weary of numbness and isolation
I would like to be affected by everything

o how uncooked I am


how without a tail
my backbone not yet finished
iron mud silicone
dead leaves and beer
the spine that wavy snake

who made my clothes?
ancestors & materials mud & stones
every shit and meal
gone before dead and coming back through me
I am old enough now to know dead people
(change all sorries to thank you)

I don’t know any facts
only possibilities and presences
healthy grins on corpses everywhere
I am dancing empty
I give up trying to be anything
thank you for feeding this baby bird


Versions of Nerve Dance have been shown at Yurta Maktub (Bologna) and Govan Theatre and Arts Complex (Glasgow). It is available for touring (contact Stephanie K. Hunter with booking enquiries).