Love for the Dead Bag

Solo Performance (45 mins)

This is a love song to the body. The ‘dead bag’ of the title is the human form, and my intention is to show its emergency in modern lifestyles: abandoned in favour of virtual realities (internet etc.), unnaturally restricted (office life etc.), medicalised, subjected to corporatised lifestyles and diets. I have the feeling that somewhere underneath these the body itself is crying out for help, and maybe even offering to help us understand why 21st century life feels so pressured.

Live voice and speech are captured and layered into a sound score that then interacts with the moving body to create further meanings. There is a blurring of time and space through looping, breakdown and cutting intended to open up the possibility that each moment of our embodied existence can be experienced in infinite ways once our habits of seeing have been exploded.

Love for the Dead Bag has been shown at Stockholm Fringe Festival (2012), Buzzcut Festival (Glasgow, 2012), Dublin Butoh Festival (2013) and UNFIX NYC (New York City, 2016). It is available for touring (contact Stephanie K. Hunter with booking enquiries).