Laughter at Being Crushed

(Solo Performance, 30 mins)

The body doesn’t come with instructions
It' the only way in or out
The body is the portal
Keep breathing

Dance your father’s alcoholism
Dance your mother’s tears & shame
Dance fear and flowers, becoming, suffering,
Pain and love.

You must dance there is no option

The body doesn’t come with instructions
And here you are in it.

"After preparing us for his ritual performance with the poems of a magi, Paul laid bare his intent for the collective. In one miraculous moment, he scaled the wall effortlessly, vaulting himself up to a high loft to look at us incredulously. At once, he was beast, and he came down to the floor again as gracefully as a cat. A collective breath released. He finally embraced each and all, tenderly, an offering of authentic connection. We had touched something otherworldly."   - Sara Zalek, Butoh Chicago
"A stunning performance..... raw, inquisitive and thought provoking." - UnShut Festival

Tour Dates 2017

Laughter at Being Crushed has also been performed in Glasgow, Dublin, Cork, Bologna and Turin (2014) as part of Moving Bodies Butoh Festival, and Howling Earth Gloucester (2017). 

It is available for touring (click here for booking enquiries).