Living Installaiton (durational)

A conviction that we know less and are more than we recognise // A commitment to the body as sacred, intelligent and worth saving // A dog // A question mark // An attempt to gel with other beings beyond social nicety // A hug for agnosticism (and gnosis) // A folly in a factory.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Excerpts from the writings of Rupert Sheldrake and Antero Alli used with generous permission from the authors. ‘The Science Delusion’ by Rupert Sheldrake is published by Coronet. Antero Alli’s various works can be purchased here

Excerpts from the aether (William Blake, Antonin Artaud, Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson, William Burroughs, Osho, David Bohm, Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno and others): Thank You. Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead.

DogManEarth was originally performed at Buzzcut Festival by Paul Michael Henry, FK Alexander and Henry the Dog. It is available for touring (contact Stephanie K. Hunter with booking enquiries).