I make performances.  My starting points are dance, music, writing and ritual; my artistic approach grows out of punk rock and Butoh.

Most of the time this ends up on a stage, but I also make recorded music, films and collaborate on other artists' projects. I'm artistic director of UNFIX Festival and teach dance workshops called The Dreaming Body.

My themes are political, social & spiritual, dealing with love, neglect of the body, destruction of the environment and atrophy of the soul in consumerist society. 

If you have any questions about the work I create, please get in touch by clicking here.

Upcoming / Recent

Selected Performance History

Hijikata Tatsumi: The Last Word (UNFIX Japan, Tokyo, 2017)
Laughter at Being Crushed (Chicago, Asheville, New York 2017)
Der Tribun (Aberdeen, 2016)
SHRIMP DANCE showing (Edinburgh, 2016)
Luminous Monsters collaboration (Glasgow, 2016)
Love for the Dead Bag (New York, 2016)
Breadwoman with Anna Homler (Glasgow, 2016)
Palimpsest (Edinburgh, 2016)
aCOPalypse Now! / Birthpangs! (Glasgow, 2015)
An Ecology of the Imagination (Glasgow, 2015)
eX...it! Butoh Festival (Berlin, 2015)
UNFIX Festival (Glasgow, 2015)
Nerve Dance (Glasgow, Bologna 2015)
Um Tum (studio project, 2015)
Laughter at Being Crushed (Glasgow, Dublin, Cork, Turin, Bologna 2014)
Sysyphus Dreaming (Glasgow, 2014)
DogManEarth (Glasgow, 2013)
SHRIMP DANCE 1 (Brighton, 2013)
Arretos Kura (Bologna, 2012)
Escurial (Bologna, 2012)
Love for the Dead Bag (Glasgow, Bologna 2012)
Spaced in the City (Glasgow, 2012)
A White Eggs for my the Performer (Glasgow, 2012)
What do we do next? (Glasgow, 2011)
Faust/us (Edinburgh, 2011)
Ostracism (Stockholm, 2010)
MHYFOS (Glasgow, 2010)
Knocking Theatre / Il Teatro Della Beffa  (Scotland, Italy, Sweden 2010-2016)
The Waterworks (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen 2009)
Composer / performer for Cayto (studio recordings, worldwide touring 2001-2007)